It’s a pet peeve. No, that’s not quite strong enough. How about “It pisses me off!”

Yeah, that’s better.

What is it with smokers who toss their butts out of their car windows? I see this all the time on my daily commute. They just chuck their smoking cigarette butt onto the ground as though the world was their personal garbage can. Dirtbags, every one of them.

From time to time when opportunity presents, I’ll accost one of them “Hey, no littering!” The answers are predictably foul-mouthed for the most part, though from time to time someone will surprise me with their stupidity. For example, one woman replied “I pay my taxes!” Well, okay, but so what? Does that give you the right to litter? Faced with that kind of response, all you can really do is say “My God, are you really that effing stupid?

Another time I honked at a butt-tosser stopped ahead of me in traffic. When she gestured to me that she didn’t know what my problem was, I pantomimed tossing a butt out the window. She very dramatically pulled out another cigarette, lit it up, and made a show of taking a deep drag on it. Um, lady, I don’t care if you smoke. Knock yourself out. Smoke until your lips fall off and your lungs turn into tar-flavored Swiss cheese for all I care. Just have a little respect for the people and world around you.

I’m thinking that maybe I should start documenting them when I see them. Where they are, what kind of car they were driving, perhaps a license plate number. It won’t help anything, but there is value to be had in venting.

August 16 2009 09:38 pm | Jackasses

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