Everquest Tailoring

March 7, 2004 – I started playing EverQuest the day the game was released. I loved it, and my addiction lasted years. However, after a couple of years it was clearly time to move on. I’ve closed my Everquest account, and I don’t really expect to ever re-open it.

However, the EverQuest tailoring guide I wrote so long ago still gets a fair amount of hits, so out-dated though it is, I’ll leave online for those that still use it.

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, referrals, support and assistance over the years. I enjoyed being part of your world.

Old World Tailoring
Cultural Tailoring
Tailoring in Velious
Tailoring in Luclin
Tailoring Ingredients
Tailoring Supplies
Tailoring Books
Miscellaneous Tables

August 17 2009 02:58 am

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