Tailoring Supplies

Last updated March 4, 2004

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Sewing Kits

Small Sewing Kit

Small Sewing Kits weigh 0.4, can hold items up to Large in size, and have two slots. These are the cheapest, but also least useful sewing kits, and are primarily of interest to low level tailors.

Large Sewing Kit

Large Sewing Kits weigh 3.0, can hold items up to Giant in size, and have eight slots. These are the most commonly used kits, and have enough capacity for all but the most complicated recipes.

Deluxe Sewing Kit

Deluxe Sewing Kits weigh 4.0, can hold items up to Giant in size, and have ten slots. Deluxe Sewing Kits are not available for purchase at any merchant. These kits came into existence with a series of patches in May 2001 - at one point, all Large Sewing Kits were changed from having eight slots to having ten. This meant that if you already owned a Large Sewing Kit, it became a ten slot kit automatically. Large Sewing Kits purchased during this time also had ten slots. However, in a later patch the Large Sewing Kits were changed back to the eight slot variety. Any existing ten slot Large Sewing Kits that characters owned were renamed to Deluxe Sewing Kits, and stayed in the ten slot configuration. If you are fortunate enough to have any Deluxe Sewing Kits, I recommend that you hang on to them.


There are Looms scattered throughout Norrath. These are essentially stationary Deluxe Sewing Kits. If you want to make a recipe that has more than eight ingredients, but you don't have a Deluxe Sewing Kit, then the Loom is the tool you'll use. To use the Loom, just click on its top bar, and it will open.

Loom Locations

This is a reasonably complete list of cities and locations where the looms can be found.

Supplies In Antonica

Commons (East)

Jelda Needlefinger in First Inn at -180, 160 Loric Weaver in Second Inn at -320, 3070 Dena Loommistress in Third Inn at 320, 4800 Germe Threadspinner in Hidden Inn at 1020, 3640

Commons (West)

Sorsha Hobbitfriend in Toll Gate Inn at -190, 470 Peron Threadspinner in Lake Inn at -400, 2670


Seria O'Danos at at 3620, 700


Murga at 1100, 0 (not verified)

Freeport (East)

The Tanner Family in "Leather & Hide" at 50, -550 Winsa Tanner in "Leather & Hide" at 45, -540

Freeport (North)

Svinal & Lystin Wyspin in "The Emporium" at 70, -140 Wahnig & Jallen Nooz at -90, -190

Freeport (West)

Linadian at 55, -310


Jarlok in "Krungs Clubs & Junk" at 390, -290


Zok Tabruu at 390, -100 Zok Sevrana at 315, -110 Zok Gleeup at 470, -420 Zok Lubump at 460, -410


Mac in "Mac's Kilts" at 300, -180 Cindl in "Mac's Kilts" at 270 and -180

Highpass Hold

Dyona Rossook in "Serpent Supply" at -240, 140

Karana (East)

Merchant Silvia at 1300, -2500

Karana (West)

Alysa at 400, -4400 (not verified) Silna Weaver or Minya Coldtoes at 800, -1800 (not verified) Minya Coldtoes at 850, -1830


Lena Leatherspinner at -260, 4000

Misty Thicket

Tipa Lighten at 580, -2200 Sonsa Fromp at 670, -2200

Neriak (Commons)

Mikaela in "The Dashing Form" at 0, -1000

Neriak (Foreign Quarter)

Mordant Tather in "The Silk Underground" at 130, -170 Jasma Tather in "The Silk Underground" at 150, -180 Jarvah at -230, -370

Neriak (Third Gate)

Medron YLask in "Furrier Royale" at 765, -1320

Northern Desert of Ro

Spoolie Gee in the Inn south of Freeport at 3380, 490


Juk Hidebeater in "Lether Armer" at 360, -190 Duuga Tearstopper in "Lether Armer" at 360, -150 Gretamog near the loom at 640, 700

Qeynos (South)

Fhara Semhart in "Fhara's Leather and Thread" at 400, -80 Iala Lendard near "Lions Mane Inn" at 180, -140 Solani Dayadil near "Fire Prides" at -20, -200

Rathe Mountains

Chizzlik in the Ogre camp at 1700, 1300 (not verified)


Twippie Diggs near "Fool's Gold" at -110, -200 Meeka Diggs near "Fool's Gold" at -30, -240

Surefall Glade

Tonsia at 120, -100 Livam T'Lant at -110, -260

Supplies In Faydwer


Clockwork Tailor at 760, 170 Clockwork Tailors (x2) at 970, -60 Clockwork Tanners (x2) at 970, -40

Butcherblock Mountains

Alga Bruntbuckler at -1180, -1950 Fugan Mumfur at -1490, 2880


Merchant Tissan in "Faydark's Bane" at -120, -350, North Felwithe Merchant Silvenspin in "Shop of All Holos" at 110, -440, North Felwithe Merchant Moonthread at 430, -860, South Felwithe

Faydark (Greater)

Merchant Aluwenae at -330, -110 Merchant Gaeadin at -120, -130

Feydark (Lesser)

Orc Chief in orc camp at -730, 1700

Kaladim (South)

Kalameky Darkfoam in "Tanned Assets" at 170, 380 Gurtha Yaptongue in "Gurtha's Wares" at 230, -250

Steamfont Mountains

Freed Fimplefur at -1700, 830

Supplies In Kunark

Cabilis (East)

Klok Wartol at 100, -300 Klok Tempar at 140, -20 Klok Stitch at 130, -10

Cabilis (West)

Gryzil at 390, 520 Zotalz at 340, 530 Kamzar at 180, 550

Firiona Vie

Dionin Needlespin at -3640, 1990 Erica Swiftweave at -3650, 2010

Supplies In Luclin


Domilisar Cournoy at -620, -30 Dolsoj Warrebs at -610, -30

Katta Castellum

Raesha Dawneyes 640, -125 Shay Aristos at 650, -130

Sanctus Seru

Fareye Yewback at -125, 500 Laren Goldthimble at -135, -935

Shadeweaver's Thicket

Tiamon Aroo at -1440, -2800

Shadow Haven

Sroj Arrowsmith at 220, 1190 Rowl Tanner at 140, 640 Eastring Fashing at 140, 640

Supplies In Odus


Demicla Tanner at -690, -100 Galbasi Weaver at -750, -105 Monita Weaver at -905, 175

Supplies In Velious


Rexx Frostweaver in "The Thurgadin Exchange" at -270, 140 Betti Frostweaver in "The Thurgadin Exchange" at -270, 140 Maureen Frostbeard in "Frostbeard's Furs and Leathers" at -140, 220 Cobi & Kyla Frostbeard in "Frostbeard's Furs and Leathers" at -140, 220 Argash & Tavir in "Argash's House of Carpentry" at -190, -290